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Trial Magazine UK issue 41


Toni Bou, Steve Saunders talks Jotagas, 2014 models from Beta – Ossa – Gas Gas – Jotagas – Sherco – Montesa, Electric Mecatecno, Michael Brown,Tony Scarlett,Scarborough Two Day,Billy Bolt,Debbie Evans,Danny Butler, Electric Scorpa

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On the front cover we have the 2013 World Trials Champion Toni Bou. Inside you will find:.. 5 Minutes: Steve Saunders talks Jotagas New Models: We look at the 2014 models from Beta – Ossa – Gas Gas – Jotagas – Sherco – Montesa Test: The ‘Kids’ test the Electric Mecatecno Quick Spin: 2014 models from - Gas Gas 250cc – 300cc - Jotagas 280cc – 300cc -Ossa 125cc – 300cc International: World Championship action from the Boys and Girls Competition: Michael Brown’s first British Championship Crown Meeting: Tony Scarlett – We talk to the man him-self on his glory years Youth: Scarborough Two Day Youth Chat: Billy Bolt Profile: Debbie Evans – More Than a Trials Rider Cycle Meeting: Danny Butler Sidecar: Electric Scorpa

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