Trial magazine UK issue 7


GasGas 4 stroke, Four Stroke side Valve, Northern Expert’s, British Championship Youth, Joe Baker, Narcis Casas, Montesa Day, Vincent Hermance, From 125cc 2 stroke to 320cc 4 stroke, Czar, 5 days in Verdon (France), Peak Trial British Championship, British Bike Championship, The Vidourle Valley in France

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Summary of Trial Magazine issue 7: Presentation GasGas 4 stroke Mechanical Four Stroke side Valve Competition Northern Expert’s British Championship Youth Profile Joe Baker Interview Narcis Casas Party Montesa Day Interview Vincent Hermance Test 2008 From 125cc 2 stroke to 320cc 4 stroke Cycle test Czar Race 5 days in Verdon (France) Sidecar Peak Trial British Championship Classic British Bike Championship Travel The Vidourle Valley in France News Paddock Opinion Calendar Technical Shopping Posters Trialmag Shop Subscription form For sale Do you remember when?

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