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Trial Classic n°6
  • Trial Classic n°6

Trial Classic issue 6 (in french)

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Mick Andrews Yamaha TY 250, Fred Michaud, Terrot 500, BPS 125 Yack, Puma Racing Match: Bultaco 340 Vesterinen, Triumph Cub, Saga Montesa, Kawasaki KT 330, 3 dies of cingles, Debbie Evans, the best retro products etc ...



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Inside of this exception number:
Top area: Nature Atmosphere
Echos of the area: The whole middle of the news
Shopping: The best retro products
Interview: Mick Andrews
Retro: Yamaha TY 250
Interview: Fred Michaud
Collection: Terrot 500
Collection: BPS 125 Yack
Visit: Puma Racing, the sorcerer
Match: Bultaco 340 series - Bultaco factory Vesterinen
Prototype: Triumph Cub
Retro: The saga Montesa
Prototype: Kawasaki KT 330
Retro: 3 dies of cingles
Legend: Debbie Evans
Design: A little humor

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