Classic Trial Magazine UK issue 10


JJ Cobas, Bultaco, Montesa, Bultaco Kit Campeon, 100 years of the Scott trial, Air Cooled, Mono Era, Armac Tiger Cub Part 2, Leatt USWE Hydration Pack, Triumph Tiger Cub, Yamaha TY 80, Montesa Cota 123 T, Classic Manx, Dartmoor Two Days, dealer AG Bikes, Andrew Brown, twin-shock/retro, Birkett Motosport, rear wheel bearings, British Championship 1983 Cleveland trial.

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Inside and full of action you will find: Special: JJ Cobas – The man who had a vision of the future with his Bultaco and Montesa powered machines. Clothing: Christmas is coming and so we decided to bring you a guide nice and early so you can order your presents. Classic Machine: The Bultaco Kit Campeon – Is this the best looking machine from Bultaco? Celebration: 100 years of the Scott trial – We enjoy a pictorial view from the years 1965 – 1989 – A Classic, Retro, Air Cooled, Mono Era! Project: Armac Tiger Cub Part 2 – Finished and on test. Product Focus: Leatt USWE Hydration Pack – Who likes a drink? I do and more to the point during a trial! Best of British: The Triumph Tiger Cub – Lets go back in time to Rock ‘N’ Roll. Youth: Yamaha TY 80 – It might be a trivia question one day but who DID not own a TY 80? Restoration: Montesa Cota 123 T – It’s not the trials model but a lovely story from Italy showing what you can achieve with time and attention to detail. Sport: A look at some of the National events around the country including the Classic Manx and Dartmoor Two Days Dealer Visit: AG Bikes – Andrew Brown loves trials it’s a fact and this is reflected in the service he can now provide to the twin-shock/retro customer. Workshop: Birkett Motosport shows us how to change the rear wheel bearings. Flashback: Its British Championship action from the 1983 Cleveland trial. Plus all the regular features – Remember it’s only Trials!! Remember Classic Trial Magazine is only available on subscription or why not download from the new App !

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