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Sangle Enduromag-Kriega
  • Sangle Enduromag-Kriega
  • Sangle Enduromag-Kriega

Sangle Enduromag-Kriega

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Really essential, solid and functional, the kriega strap is always ready for faireéconomiser you precious seconds.
Your bike is almost as easy to move a bike. Can be attached to the front or the back of the bike.



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There are two methods to set up the strap front fender. Both require solid 2x greenhouses cables:
 Undo the straps at the metal loops. Wrap the strap around the fork tubes, just below the lower triple-clamp. Iron the strap through the metal loop (be sure to board the strap in the ring to "lock" it). The remaining part of the strap may be passed through the elastic ring provided for this purpose. To prevent the strap down, you must use a cable tie in one of two ways. The first method involves passing the cable tie through the small ring canvas above the metal buckle. Make then pass the cable clamp behind the lower triple-clamp, close it and tighten. (This method is illustrated in the "Haul Loop")
The second method is to use two cable ties hanging together to form an eight behind the headlight / front plastic plate (this method is the one shown on this page). The method of eight is in our opinion the best: You can adjust the angle of the fender strap tightening the cable ties. The more cable ties are tight, the belt will be more inclined

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