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Enduro Magazine n°79
  • Enduro Magazine n°79
  • Enduro Magazine n°79

Enduro Magazine issue 79 (in french)

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This issue includes a supplement, Enduro Evasion, 48 pages.

Mathias Bellino, a neo-retro TM 125, XTrainer Beta, the new Yamaha 250 WR-F, Asiawing, Chinese Honda Thierry Charbonnier, Mark Morales, José Leloir, Yamaha Dakar, the Cluster of Cyrano, the Enduro of Agadir, Dr. Leatt, the optical clip, Cody Webb



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Summary Enduro Magazine # 79 (May-June 2015):

Expresso: Mathias Bellino, back on top
Foreground: a neo-retro TM 125
Test Beta XTrainer, a "tool" to put all hands!
Compare: the new Yamaha 250 WR-F vs. its competitors
Presentation: Asiawing, Chinese Honda Thierry Charbonnier
Chronic: what says Marc Morales
In Chasing: actua with hindsight
Interview: José Leloir, the man with blood "blue", explains the debacle Yamaha Dakar
Recos: Bunch of Cyrano, a classic mature
Report: Enduro of Agadir, the Swiss classic under the Moroccan sun
Meeting: Dr. Leatt, a certain idea of protection
Products: roll being Miraud with optical clip
A hero Cody Webb, Erasmus pilot

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