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Enduro Magazine issue 62

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It will include ( among other things ) testing the 2013 KTM range , an interview with Jean -Luc Mirror, sponsor of the championship of France , a portrait of Pierre -Alexandre Renet , a report on the crossing of the diagonal and France in trail , as well as the team that broke the world altitude motorcycle ...

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6 CH NEWS News , indiscretions and second degree May 16 MINUTES WITH ... Fred Weill, official non-striker 18 NEW The ZPsport 449, art Contemporary gold prices 2013 KTM 22 OVERVIEW We change ( some) machines earning 30250 4-STROKE The match against the ardor realism : TM vs Sherco 38 INTERVIEW Why Fred Fourgeaud held in take the import of Gas Gas AFRICA Raid de l'Amitié , the rally without chrono but with navigation for lovers of all stripes 56 INTERVIEW Jean -Luc Mirror boss enduro French satisfied 60 WORLD A mid- season, one only sees blue 68 PORTRAIT Pela Renet , ideal son and top pilot 74 DISCOVERY Family UFOLEP the sauce is well as 76 FAMILY 2012 Edition : 1 the heart of the Creuse st round to Felletin 80 GRAND TOURING Diagonal or when riding at long-term synonymous with gastronomy 86 EXTREME A new world record altitude motorcycle fell 94 SHOPPING Some essential products 97 AGENDA Dates not to be missed 103 FORUM Open it ! 109 MARKET The price of the new ES 112 SPECIALIST The shops enduro region by region 114 LAST IMAGE Jean- Claude Olivier , always blue

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