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Enduro magazine issue 43 (in french)

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Enduro Magazine 43 ( April-May 2009 ) 6 Nouzot ' Moods Editor 8 CH News All news from the middle May 16 minutes Rudy Cotton, the French Unknown Soldier rolling in World 18 Chat Mickael Pichon , double champion of France Enduro , talks about his career in the discipline 26 Virée in Tuscany A superb hiking in the Chianti region of Italy 34 Family trophy A more serious about safety and noise but still cool trophy in 2009 in the spirit Trial 38 125 T - 2 Four bombinettes on the grill with a surprise guest , the Yam ! 48 Meeting At the head of Jolly Racing for 25 years, Franco Mayr has seen champions ... 54 Dossier Enduro Mag helps you choose the right secondhand , to find and dissect 66 First Contact What is the most beautiful motorcycle production 09 450 HM CRE -F? 70 Trail back Kawasaki KLX 250 against Yamaha 250 WR -R: enduro - two very different but pleasant leisure 76 Rhe race Snow, cold and sweat for this classic specialists would harder ... 82 Test Products GPS for hiking two fingers in the nose 88 French Enduro TM is all about the race , a policy that pays in France ! 94 Nostalgia Kramer, the German brand which made his hero Alessandro Gritti 100 Agenda Top appointments bimonthly coming 104 Forum You wrote us, we answer 106 Gear And a special little helmet, ! 108 Blabla Alain Blanchard, WEC promoter says the future of GP 114 Gros under List Price and rating occasion

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