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Enduro magazine issue 49 (in french)

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CH NEWS All news from the middle May 14 MINUTES WITH Pierre -Alexandre Renet 16 CHRONICLE Sébastien Guillaume you fi che his ticket 18 NEW 100 hp , 261 kg, € 15 000 : Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Ténéré 22 TEST This stunning 250 PR5 ! AJP small plant that climbs 28 TEST Alsace trip with KL 250 and 450 F - KXE 36 REPORT It goes like this Mérel in Off Road 44 INTERVIEW Pierrick Paget seeking new friends enduro 52 EXTREME The Endurock celebrates 10 years it hurts 58 DOSSIER The hiking guides in question 66 DISCOVERY Our man Maya Morocco Ipone 74 SPORT The opening of the championship of France has kept its promises 82 ESCAPE A trip to Bolivia 90 NOSTALGIA Jean -Marie Huguet, pioneer enduro 94 TECHNICAL A full brake bite : Beringer Inboard 98 STEERING Walking : super fastoche ! 100 SHOPPING Of gear do you want in here 103 AGENDA Guide your adventures 108 FORUM Readers also write 110 CLASSIFIED ADS The business corner ES 112 SPECIALIST Dealers enduro 114 LARGE SUB Price of new and secondhand coast of

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