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Enduro magazine issue 51 (in french)

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CH NEWS All news from the middle With 5 MINUTES Federico Fregnan , boss Fantic CHRONIC Pierrick Paget, crossman CHRONIC Richard Angot , amateur mojito 2011 NEWS Gas Unveils 250 HM the range 125 TEST 2011 Husqvarna TE 449 fatal traction Husaberg range 2 and 4-stroke , we love them all ! Beta RR range , although in every respect and what health! Sherco range : comprehensive and convincing AT HOME David Frétigné ambitions intact FAMILY TROPHY Gentlemen , persona non grata TEST FAMILY 250: Writing wet bikini TOURING Parks: let us not impress EXOTIC Enduro in Romania , a moment of pure rock'n'roll TEST RALLY Yam 450 WR -F Frétigné will not MECHANICAL These 4-stroke who are dear to us AGENDA All dates not to miss TECHNICAL How to reduce seat height SHOPPING FORUM SPECIALISTS Concessions connected enduro BIG IN Price of new and secondhand coast of

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