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Enduro magazine issue 56 (in french)

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Juha Salminen, Gionni Fossati , Jean -Luc Maindron , Hendrik Gaspard , HFP and Meca'System , Bunch of Cyrano , 125cc Hopes , Victory . PRESENTATION KTM 250 & YAMAHA 450 YZ- F, ENDURO WORLD , FRENCH ENDURO , FAMILY TROPHY , ENDURANCE BELGIAN



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4 CH NEWS All news from the middle 14 5 MINUTES WITH Juha Salminen, living legend May 16 MINUTES WITH Gionni Fossati , he has a problem with Meo PRESENTATION 18 KTM No surprises, it is the 350 EXC- F the best 26 YAMAHA 250 & 450 YZ- F Good cross are not good enduro , unless special 34 RALLY PRODUCTION The Dakar is far , except for preparers . Meet HFP and Meca'System 48 WORLD ENDURO The new generation of Juniors is on top! 58 FRENCH ENDURO Look at the new category 125 Hopes , a brilliant idea 66 INTERVIEW Jean -Luc Maindron the President with many hats 72 FAMILY TROPHY The first Felletin where gentlemen came in numbers 76 CLASSIC Bunch of Cyrano , a popular classic and eco -responsible ENDURANCE 83 BELGIAN Victory , a series of events that do not make much noise, but where lots of fun 90 MEETING Hendrik Gaspard , the expert who makes sparks ! 94 AGENDA Here the outputs ! 100 SHOPPING Some essential products 103 FORUM Our readers have journalistic fiber in this issue! ES 110 SPECIALIST The enduro shops by region 114 LARGE SUB Price of new and secondhand

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