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Enduro Classic issue 3 (french)

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Mazzilli 125 engine Hiro, Jean-Yves Lucas, Fantic Motor, Brema, Gino Perego, GRITTI KTM 250 GS 1977 ISDT 1970 Popaul THE ironworker, ZÜNDAPP, SWM All those fi to remake a SWM with onions, KAWASAKI KDX STORY Guy Albaret we narrates his journey with his banter, 50 KTM GS, Gérad Delon, Florian Edart ...



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EDITORIAL: Roll still 76 years old , what happiness ... CH NEWS : All the good news of the oldies bizness LABORATORY PUR : The Mazzilli 125 which inaugurated the famous Hiro engine FANTIC ADDICT : Jean -Yves Lucas, the designer of crazy Fantic Motor MYTHICAL JACKET: When Brema revolutionized the look of jackets in the 70's PEREGO MICROWAVE : Enduro Classic Perego Gino went to visit the king of 50 cm3 GRITTI RÉPLICA : We tried the KTM 250 GS 1977 the Maestro tool Gritti PORTFOLIO ISDT 1970: Back in pictures on Six Days major in history Popaul THE ironworker : Jean- Paul Charles or the worker become a true champion ZÜNDAPP THE MADNESS : Focus on the most beautiful collection ' of Zündapp offi cial world RESTORING A SWM : All strings to remake a SWM with onions AGAIN SA FORK : Understanding All of the rehabilitation of a Marzocchi KAWASAKI KDX STORY : The story of the rarest vintage enduro in Japanese WONDERFUL VALLI : A weekend in paradise on Valli Bergamasche Revival ALBARET LIVE : Big Guy Albaret we narrates his journey with his banter WINDOW SHOPPING : The latest products popular in the old enduro Bombinette BLUE : A 50 KTM GS prodigious work of a passionate Gérad Delon TEST GAME : Sharpen your culture from small cars with this nerd test ... 5 MINUTES WITH ... Florian Edart , the offspring trendy retro unforgettable pope 50

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