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Trial Classic issue 4 (in french)

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This edition offers Vesty follow in his garage to discover the bikes with which he won his greatest victories, to live the ruthless duel between the 2T 4T Majesty the Honda RS, try with us TransAmà rare, Alpha or Terrot, having a chat with Bernie Schreiber or discover some key techniques to help tame your beautiful machine! Magazine in French



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In summary Classic Trial # 4: Top area: SSDT 2012 Pré65 Echoes of the area: Any news medium Paddock: As if you were there Shopping: The vintage gear you need Match: Majesty vs Honda 2T 4T Legend: Yrjo Vesterinen Interview: Bernie Schreiber Portrait: Christian Strike Dynasty: Suzuki Beamish Steering: Stage Blue Olive Collection: Terrot 186 trial Jewelry: Alpha T210 Jewelry: Guiller 175 G90 Discovery TransAmà 320 Course: Christian Desnoyer Portrait: Orion Porta Interview: Giulio Mauri Web: All good sites for our business rencarder Magazine in french