Classic Trial Magazine UK issue 16
  • Classic Trial Magazine UK issue 16

Classic Trial Magazine UK issue 16


John Reynolds, Air Cooled Rotax, Four-Stroke Moto Guzzi, The 1963 Allen Jefferies, Hebo Tech Comp, John Moffat, The Elliott Honda, Javier Cruz, 1966 Sidecars at the Northern Experts, Mary Driver



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Inside and full of action you will find:

Meeting: An Exclusive with John Reynolds – ‘Who Shot JR’
Engine: Air Cooled Rotax
Discovery: Four-Stroke Moto Guzzi
Classic Competition: The 1963 Allen Jefferies
Product Focus: It’s New the Hebo Tech Comp
Profile: John Moffat ‘The’ Trials Guru
My Machine: The Elliott Honda
International: Spain’s Javier Cruz                                                                                                     
Scrapbook: 1966 Sidecars at the Northern Experts
Pioneer: Mary Driver
Plus all the regular features – Remember it’s only Trials!!

Classic Trial Magazine in Print – We are proud to be in print and using new material and many unseen images from the very best photographers in the world.

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