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Moi, Représente Tous, Et parle au nom de Ceux.

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From its twenty-six years , Stéphane JOUANNY gives us his unpretentious acid and poetic vision of Love, on a background of satire that attacks the Life, the Man , and existential disputes each resonant of us. Finally, a novel that takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes us to decipher the glimmer of hope buried deep within us.

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Preview # MTC: I wreath at the animosity of our society. Nothing pessimistic. Just the clear observation of this world meaningless where our ephemeral lives dissolve into a lethargic silence. My goal : escape the reality that anxiety me forcing myself to make my happiness to any room, in the hope that it exists . In the meantime, I leave . I drink too. Much . But whatever my choice, stagnates without love and drags dull . Until I meet : ELLE. This divine dope swarming in your heart muscle and eradicate all forms of ill-being . The real question : until when? To read more from the book : go on the blog. Extend the experience on social networks come and share the world of the author Facebook: Click here Twitter: Click here