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Enduro Magazine n°77
  • Enduro Magazine n°77

Enduro Magazine issue 77 (in french)

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Alessandro Botturi Yamaha WR 450 F Rally, Yamaha WR 250 F 2015, Suzuki, Honda and Evo-Set, the vintage 2015 Euroboost, Beta 450, HVA, KTM and Sherco, Mark Morales, KTM Freeride internship, roll the peace of mind in the Maghreb Andalusian hiking, Jacques Palix, Amonzevo Yamaha YZF 450 Dakar De Soultrait, Air Bol, DTMX against XLS, Renet to Novemberkåsan

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Summary Enduro magazine issue 77 (January-February 2015)

Expresso 16: Alessandro Botturi

18 Foreground: Yamaha WR 450 F Rally

22 Presentation: Yamaha WR 250 F 2015, the big news

29 Presentation: Suzuki, Honda and Evo-Set, the vintage 2015 Euroboost

40 Compare: The 450 Beta, HVA, KTM and Sherco Auvergne under the sun

52 Chronic: what says Marc Morales

54 slight delay: When the news cools, sometimes it sticks to the bottom

58 Initiation: The three Freeride internship under the orange alert

66 Survey: Can you still ride with peace of mind in the Maghreb?

Raid 72: Andalusia, exotic, beautiful and wild

78 Portrait: Jacques Palix, Amonzevo over hill and dale

82 Rally: Yamaha YZF 450 Soultrait From Dakar, the weapon of the Vicomte

88 Stamina: The Bol d'Air, the ultimate confrontation DTMX against XLS

114 A hero: Renet to Novemberkåsan, in a Norman Vikings


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